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Name Title Email Phone Web site
Betz, Heather English 7 & Literature 7 Email 920-867-8855 Web site
Blanchette, Amie English Email 920-867-8868 Web site
Booker, Mary Jo Speech/Language Email 920-867-8061 Web site
Brace, Melinda Math Email 920-867-8859 Web site
Breuer, Todd Science Email 920-867-8863 Web site
Eskildsen, Melanie Title 1 / Read 180 Email 920-867-8157 Web site
Fahser, Jeff Social Studies / Athletic Director Email 920-867-8864 Web site
Gruentzel, Joe Technology Education Email 920-867-8935 Web site
Hintz, Lisbeth Speech/Language Email 920-867-8167 Web site
Hunkins, Renee Family and Consumer Sciences Email 920-867-8919 Web site
Karpinski, Sara Spanish Email 920-867-8930 Web site
Lawton, Sarah ESL Email 920-867-8879 Web site
Martin, Patrick Math Email 920-867-8923 Web site
McMullen, Jamie Special Education Email 920-867-8831 Web site
Peterson, Connie Computers / Agricultural Science Email 920-867-8915 Web site
Pope, Mary Title Math / Literature 6 Email 920-867-8162 Web site
Potratz, Tim Physical Education Email 920-867-8891 Web site
Rotta, Marnie Gifted & Talented Coordinator Email 920-867-8856 Web site
Rupnow, LuAnn Chorus Email 920-867-8853 Web site
Sambs, Joe Math Email 920-867-8922 Web site
Schmidt, Andrew Instrumental Music Email 920-867-8914 Web site
Schroeder, Andy Special Education / Social Studies Email 920-867-8945 Web site
Stelter, Jenna Social Studies & Health Email 920-867-8867 Web site
VanEss, Teresa Special Education Email 920-867-8869 Web site
Winn, Nick Science Email 920-867-8957 Web site
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