Strength Club (WF Power)


The mission of the W-F Strength Club is to offer the opportunity to enhance ones physical self in a safe, positive, and supportive environment. The W-F Strength Club gives its participants the opportunity to grow physically through weight training and emotionally by gaining a better idea of ones self and by focusing on individual goals and expectations.


The purpose of the W-F Strength Club is to give youth the opportunities to learn and expand in their physical abilities through weight conditioning and power training. The strength club is designed to enhance and promote, healthy bodies and lifestyles. Along with development of the physical body, the club helps aid in the development of ones self esteem and being, by focusing on achievable goals.

Program Goals and Objectives:

GOAL I: Develop the physical abilities and proper techniques used in weight lifting and power training.

Objective 1:  All club members must follow a designed weight program.

A.) All members will be instructed on proper technique and form on every lift in the individual’s designated program.

B.) All members will be instructed on the proper spotting technique used in all lifts and any other safety policies that are used in the weight facility.

C.) All programs will follow specific steps or phases of progression, for proper weight increases and repetitions.

D.) All programs will be monitored and adjusted to the needs and levels of all  club members.

GOAL II: Provide members with opportunities to grow emotionally and socially.

Objective 1:  Learn how to set obtainable goals and achieve them.

A.) Members will test their strength when they start a specific weight program by finding a 1 rep max; through a multiple rep max with a specific amount of weight.

B.) Strength tests will occur throughout an individuals specific weight program at designated levels in that program.

C.) Members will be given the opportunity to reach certain standards by achieving specific pounds lifted. (lbs. Clubs)

D.) Members will also have the ability to reach a certain standard according to an individuals own body weight. (Shwartz Formula)

Objective 2:  Members must work cooperatively with other members to keep a safe environment and to perform and progress through their weight programs.

A.) All members are required to have a lifting partner or group when working out.

B.) All activities in the weight facility should promote a positive atmosphere, which develops an openness and honesty with all club members.

C.) All members must keep an awareness of safety rules and procedures and gain the ability to communicate with each other when dealing with these safety elements. (Spotting, Belts, Putting Weights Away, etc.)

D.) All members will be given the opportunity to compete in some weight and power lifting competitions; if so desired.

Club Criteria:

To become a member of the W-F Strength Club a person must except and perform some minimum standards.

Dues:  A person must sign up for the club and pay a yearly due of $10. This money goes into the club fund were it can be used for only club use; such as: T-shirts, weight equipment, metals, and other materials for the W-F Night of Champions Meet, etc. (No refunds once you have signed-up and paid)

Fundraising:  All members must participate in the club fundraiser if there is one held during the year. All money earned from the fundraiser will go into the club fund and will only be used for club use.

W-F Night Of Champions:  This is a power meet put on every year by our club. To be a member in the power club, you must participate in this meet. You can participate by actually competing in the meet or by helping with the set-up, running, and/or take-down of the event.

Lifting:  To be a member of the strength club you must also be on a specific program and spend the needed time in the weight facility to progress through all phases of that program. All members must abide by the strength club’s mission, purpose, goals, and objectives. If a member does not follow these major key elements of the club the member can be subject to dismissal by the discretion of the club’s supervisors.

Extra-Curricular Participation:  The W-F Strength Club is an extra-curricular activity, so all school rules and regulations that encompass extra-curriculars pertain to the club. The club is a privilege not a given, students are welcome but if their actions are unbecoming of the club they will be dismissed from the club.

Participation:  If you are an athlete in different sports during the year you can still be a strength club member. When you are in-season for your designated sport or sports you do not have to be on a lifting program for the club. When an individual reaches his/her off-season he/she has to start a program to be a strength club member. You do not have to be in athletics to be in the strength club, everybody is invited.


Competition in power meets is not a requirement of the club. Competition in power meets will be an option the strength club will give its members. Individual entrance fees must be paid personally by the member at this time; Not the Club. Transportation to an event will be dealt with before the event by the club supervisor and school administration. The club will only support a lifter in a power meet if that lifter has made the proper preparations for the meet and has been lifting on a designated program with the club.
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