Fremont Drama Club


It's A Kids Life


On Thursday, April 16th, students at Fremont Elementary performed "It's A Kid's Life" under the direction of Paula Groher, Kathy Timm, and Pam Piencikowski. This creative musical begins with the shock of NO technology!   A group of kids are in the state of panic because an electromagnetic attack from outer space shuts down all technology. However, Grandma and Grandpa save the day by introducing them to new adventures with games such as Yahtzee, Twister, Bingo, Monopoly, and more.  They are forced to used their imaginations without the use of technology and electronics

Songs with Vocals

A Kid's Life
1. Opening narration
2. A Kid's Life
3. Let the Games Begin
4. Paper Airplane
5. Clouds
6. Ghost Story
7. Jump Rope Rock
8. The Good Time Family Band
9. Reprise: A Kid's Life
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