School Closings

The School District of Weyauwega-Fremont wants to inform parents/guardians about how decisions are made and communicated when severe weather arrives. From time to time it may be necessary to close, delay or dismiss school early due to severe weather conditions. The safety of our students is highest priority.

Winter Related Conditions Under Which School May Be Delayed Or Closed

•    Snow, ice, fog, severe drifting; both existing and predicted

•    Severe Cold: -20 degrees F temperature threshold and -40 degrees F wind chill threshold. Temperature threshold levels are points at which severe cold will be considered as a factor in closing school in conjunction with other relevant facts and conditions that might be present.  Temperature threshold levels are not automatic for school closings. School may or may not be closed because of severe cold upon review of all factors that need to considered in the decision making process to delay and or close school.

Notification Of School Closing And Or Delay To Parents/Guardians

Should  an  occasion  arise  where  it  is necessary  to cancel  and  or  delay  school, notification   will  be carried  out  by the following television and radio stations at approximately  5:30a.m.  Information will also be posted on the District website at   Primary Guardians of students and staff members will also receive a phone call or email from our Automated Skylert System.

Television Channels:  2, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 26

Radio Stations:
  • WDUX         800 AM        92.7 FM
  • WISS           1090 AM     102.3 FM
  • WOSH         1490AM      103.9 FM
  • WSAU         99.9 FM
  • WIXX          101.1 FM
  • WOZZ          94.7 FM
  • WPKR          99.5 FM
  • WNFL          101.9 FM
  • WNCY         100.3 FM
  • DUKE FM    93.5 FM
  • WTAQ          97.5 FM

In the event of school closing or early dismissal all extra and co-curricular activities scheduled for that day are cancelled for all students. If appropriate and necessary, special arrangements can be made by the building administration, together with the District Administrator or his designee.

In all periods of inclement weather parents/guardians are reminded to use sound judgment when making travel decisions. The School District of Weyauwega-Fremont encourages parents/guardians to make appropriate and responsible decisions based on conditions and circumstances about student attendance on severe weather occurrences.



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